A Pleasant Winter Fly Over of the Vonnegut House

Ahhh February.. when we can just barely stand the last constraints of winter but know we will secretly miss its calm. As the Vonnegut House starts readying itself for spring & summer rentals, waking up from its occasionally interrupted slumber, we wanted to capture it in its pristine state.


For a little history, The Vonnegut Schnull Mueller collection of houses, some of the first built on Lake Max on it's highest bluff, along with Hilarity Hill a few plots to the south, stretch out from the 'V House' north. While it's hard to distinguish color with so much white, The Clemens Vonnegut Jr. House is the white one usually in the center of the frame, with the snowy staircase that descends to the lake but takes a turn south for the last few steps. The Yellow House to the north was Bernard's, father and great grandfather of Kurt Sr. and Jr. The Home with Blue and White Trim, AKA The House of 1000 Candles, belonged to Pauline Vonnegut and George Peoples, and North (up the lake) of that the home of George Vonnegut... all these homes belonged to Vonneguts through the great crash in 1929 and many beyond. The Clemens Vonnegut Jr. House actually was sold away from the Vonnegut Family in 1969 only to be bought back in 1987 by Ralph Vonnegut.

We at the Vonnegut House want to take a moment to thank Jeff Kenney and Lou Kopp for making this video happen, being available on a moment's notice before anything but deer and raccoons had tracked up the land, and for being quick to ascertain what happy winter music might sound like and knowing where to find it!

While summer is the traditional time to visit Culver, The 'V House' is available all year for rental, with 3 bedrooms plus the kitchen and lounge kept warm all winter in case you decide to drop in... check our calendar and book a spring, fall or winter retreat with us. There is an intimacy to Lake Max in the off season that is to be experienced to be believed. The lake splays out before you and winter sunsets are almost more spectacular than summer ones.

We also have a collection of dates still available for summer rental, and for those interested a discount is available:

June 4-9        5 nights

June 15-21        6 nights

July 9-12      3 nights

July 16-20       4 nights

August 1-5       4 nights



To Book or Inquire please contact Kathleen Aman

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